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Hey David, it was great meeting you at the BMW GS Trophy Challenge this past weekend. I'm sure you had fun and learned a lot, as I did, too. I'm eager to see some of the shots you took at our event. I've been trying to give my wife a view into what we went through and accomplished. She's not too hot on the idea of adventure riding, but as I told her, "You only pass the way, but once in life, so you might as well go for the gusto." I learned so much, and feel so honored to have ridden with such great people. Thanks for being so kind.
I'm glad that you stopped by West Siloam Speedway and enjoyed your evening so much. Thank you for taking and sharing so many awesome pictures. I purchased a couple and will get more in the near future. we hope you will come back again when you are in the area.
Thank You;
Frank Hallman(non-registered)

Nice pictures! I like the website too. Well thought-out. Thanks for sharing.

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